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Why Use SMS Marketing?

There are many reasons why you might consider using SMS Marketing. Millions of pounds are spent every year in the UK, and around the world, on text messaging campaigns. From single person businesses, academic establishments, health sector organisations and FTSE 100 companies, everyone is starting to utilise the SMS Marketing platform.

Why should I consider SMS marketing? Well, firstly it is affordable. You pay pennies to send a message, meaning you won’t break the bank to reach all your customers. Messages can be sent instantly or timed to go out exactly, so if you have an important reminder, announcement or offer to get out you can be assured it’ll be in your customer’s hands when you want it and within seconds.

SMS marketing suppliers can help you set up everything you need to get your messages out to your customers instantly and TextAnywhere has a wide range of solutions which will suit a number of SMS marketing activities. From our easy to use TextOnline and TextCampaign for bulk SMS marketing, through to sending SMS via Email with TextEmail and TextOMS for your Microsoft Outlook. If you have your own software platform with which you want to integrate SMS marketing, then our Developer Toolkit will help you with this too.

With SMS marketing there are no email spam filters to worry about, or postage costs for direct mail. Your text message will arrive instantly, and compared to email open rates of around 25%, text message open rates are as high as 90%+.

SMS campaigns also have a high ROI. You can put in as much or as little as you want, it’s completely in your control. For example, consider you are a local restaurateur with a loyal customer base who like to receive information on your new menus, or special offers and events. You would like to carry out a short and smart SMS campaign to your customers who have opted-in to your database. Instead of spending a lot of money on developing a postal mailer, or maybe even an email campaign, you can simply send a text message with an offer for a free starter on their next booking to try your new summer menu. Sending this message to 100 people will be far cheaper than any printed material, and a lot less time consuming that designing a mailer too. It will be read by over 90% of the recipients and if just 10 people take up the offer, you have an excellent return on your bulk SMS marketing investment.

Permission is very important though, and as we mentioned earlier Opt-In is what can make SMS marketing and bulk SMS campaigns so effective. Recipients have to opt-in to join your database list which is they’re way of telling you that they want to hear from you. These are the people who will become your brand, product, service ambassadors and will share your SMS campaigns with their friends if they’re seen to be worthwhile. Free advertising to increase sales.

Obtaining opt-in permissions can be done in a number of ways, some by simply collecting details at account sign up stage, whilst attending an event, or an after meal questionnaire for example. Alternatively you can set up a Short Code Keyword which your customers can text in to sign up for “info” (the text would be free to them). Of course, if they ever want to stop receiving your SMS messages all they need to do is reply “Stop” and they’re automatically removed.

Lastly, we can’t not mention one of the most significant benefits of SMS marketing campaigns. A text message is digital which means it’s green, and this is a huge part of today’s global ethos. There’s no need for lots of Direct Mail printed papers and flyers which just get thrown away. Your SMS marketing campaigns will not only drive sales and customer loyalty, it will also help environment too!

For more information on TextAnywhere’s SMS Campaign solution please click here http://www.textanywhere.net/sms-services/text-campaign.aspx, or call us on 08451221302 where one of our expert Customer Care Team will be able to help answer any questions you may have.

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